You Can Have All the Opportunities You Could Imagine and Then Some!

16A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men. -Proverbs 18:16

All the Opportunities You can Imagine and Then Some

Once you’ve discovered your gift and made the commitment to develop your gift daily, the fun begins to start. The Bible says that your gift will make room for you (create opportunities and open doors for you) and bring you before great men. As a result of discovering and developing my gifts I’ve:

  • Had Opportunities I Would have Never Dreamed Of – I still can’t believe some of the things I’ve had the opportunity to do. There have been opportunities I’ve had to turn down, and I know as I continue to develop, God will keep bringing bigger and better opportunities my way.
  • I’ve Connected with People I would Have Never Dreamed Of – I remember 7 years ago thinking that if I could spend 2 minutes with a high quality leader my life would be awesome! 7 years later, God has connected me to so many high quality leaders I can’t believe it.  And He keeps opening doors to allow me to meet and connect with even more. Your gift really will bring you before great men (Leaders are always looking for potential leaders).
  • I’m Going Places I would Have Never Dreamed Of – When I look at where God HAS taken me, I can’t even imagine where God IS taking me.

I literally can’t believe I get to live my life. I had to take care of my part developing my gift and  God always takes care of His part opening doors that I could never open and closing doors I could never close. What God will do for me, He’ll do for you!

What doors have opened and opportunities have come your way because you made the choice to discover and develop your gift?


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