You Have a Voice

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.                                                                                               -Mark 16:15

Do you ever doubt yourself? Doubt anyone will listen to you? Doubt you are making a difference? Doubt that you matter? Doubt that your work is making a difference? I know I do all the time, but then I will have someone share with me that I have made a difference in their life and it encourages me to keep going.

I got the following message on Facebook from someone I have not talked to in 10-12 years. I get messages like this often and they always encourage me to keep going:

“Bubba, I’ve been meaning to get in touch with you. I have been following your postings and reading your blogs. Honestly, everything you write is extremely uplifting. I could have the worst day and I will read a quote you posted and it will immediately make me feel better! I want you to know, you have very much made an impact on me, and I’m sure so many others…”

I don’t share that to make myself look good, I share it because I want want to encourage you. What you have to say matters. When I get messages like this, I am reminded that what I have to say matters. A lot of you think that if you write a blog post, tweet a tweet, preach a sermon, share the Word with someone, or just simply call or text someone to encourage them, that it won’t really matter. That is a lie. The truth is: It does matter. It matters a lot. What you say matters.

When you believe you have something to say, and you say it: you never know who you could impact through your words. When you encourage a friend, you never know what you’re helping them get through. When you share the gospel with someone, it could change their life forever.

Bottom Line: You could change the world through what You have to say!

The best part: If you’re a Christian, God already gave us our message. We just have to share it with the world. In everything you say, just point people to Him, if you do, you’ll make an incredible impact in your lifetime.

So keep blogging, keep tweeting, keep preaching, keep getting the word out. Whether you know it or not, people are paying attention to you. You have a voice. You matter. Believe it!




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