You Never Know

On Friday I got to go back to my high school, North Allegheny, for a football game. I have to say, it was a blast! I loved high school! However, the reason I loved going back wasn’t for the reasons I used to like going there (the social life), this time it was because I got to say thank you.

I got to thank my Principle and Assistant principle from high school for changing my life. I reminded them of one instance when I got called to the office with a friend for doing something stupid. They sat us down, and the assistant principle looked at both of us and said, “You’re both leaders, you know that don’t you? You influence everyone around you and you can either use it for good or for bad, it’s your choice.”

My friend and I left that meeting laughing and saying to each other, “Us leaders?????” hahaha… What a funny thought”


It’s  been 6 years since that incident and I’ve had my life totally transformed. I’m nowhere close to arriving, but I’ve really purposed in my heart to develop myself as a leader, to influence others for good, and to develop leaders.

So why share this story? Because I”ll always remember that experience, it was the first time someone told me I was a leader and believed in me.

What’s my point? You’ll never know how big of an impact you can have in someones life if you’ll just believe in them enough to care and to encourage. You could change their life forever just by telling them you believe in them.

The best part is you never know what they’ll accomplish as a result of your encouragement until years later when the come back and thank you.

I’m so glad I got the chance on Friday to thank people for changing my life, who probably rarely see the outcome of their investment in students.

Who has impacted your life and doesn’t know it? Find them and tell them how they made a difference in your life. I promise you, it will be one of the most fulfilling things you do.


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