Your Pain, Loneliness, and Brokeness

Don’t Let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is useful for building others up. -Ephesians 4:29

This is such a powerful video clip! It’s only 3 minutes long, please take the time to watch it!


God is Bigger than Anything that Comes Against You! – “Your pain is real, Your loneliness and brokenness are Real and their Big, but God is bigger.”

Your Words Matter – So much of our self-doubts and self-worth are based off of what people have said to us in our past. I love when he said, “We can either kill somebody with our Words, or Save somebody with our words.” It’s true. So many people have to spend years finding out who God says we are, instead of who people have said we are.

It’s Ok for You to be YOU – You’re are SPECIAL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE – this is probably the hardest thing in life to grasp. God made us just how He wanted to. We’re His masterpiece. We need to rejoice in who God made us instead of torturing ourselves wishing we were somebody else.

We Must know what the Truth Says! Without the Truth, We Cannot Fight the Lies – the only way we can know if what we’re thinking is a lie or not is if we know what the truth is. Truth is what God says. The Word of God is truth. We need to define ourselves, our thoughts, and everything in our lives by God’s Word (truth). If we do that, we won’t buy the lies that come to us on a daily basis.


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